About Tina


It all started when...

I took over meal planning for the family I nannied for while getting my health coaching certification. Simply having a plan each week totally changed the pre-dinner witching hours. :) Stress levels went down, family bonding went up, good ingredients were gathered each week and awesome meals were made. So I decided to make this service available to more people (including myself!)

I literally can't make dinner without having a plan. Before Voeden, I was unprepared and had no idea what was actually good for me (even after my health education degree!). Enough was enough! I went back to school, learned about seasonal eating and listening to the body for cues, and started designing recipes around in-season produce that all eaters can enjoy. Each week, I put these recipes into carefully curated meal plans that I use myself and share with you!

Professional Bio

Tina, a Certified Health Coach, is the recipe designer and meal plan curator behind Voeden. She studied holistic nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in New York City where she analyzed all the major dietary theories and refined her health coaching skills. She has her BA in Business, Psychology, and Health Education from Calvin College, and has extensive training in health and wellness coaching. She has transferred her knowledge and passion to the kitchen, making in-season, veggie loaded eating, and healthy living irresistibly delicious and accessible.