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Down with Juice

Oh my word just thinking about a "juice cleanse" makes me all sorts of  cranky, cold, hungry, and irritable. Am I alone?!   I've never done a juice cleanse.   Ya heard me right. Not because I think they are bad necessarily, but because I'm kind of a wimp, and I really like to eat. 

But I also feel like I need a little clean-out and re-boot every now and again. I generally do this by just eating really really well (loads of veggies, gluten free grains, beans, smoothies, etc.), because if you just eat well most of the time, your body will be able to do it's natural cleanse every day.  But when I feel like I need even more, I won't turn to juicing, it's for sure gonna be souping.

Souping shares some of the same principles of juicing, packing tons of veggies and nutrients into one easy-to-make and easy-to-eat (or drink) meal, but you get to enjoy in warm. And hearty

Bone Up

And to really go against the grain, I'm even including a little bone broth in our soups. I'm just now beginning to uncover the benefits and wisdom of sipping on broth - which are endless. On a vain level, the gelatins in bone broth promotes healthy hair and nail growth, and contributes to healthy, supple skin. Sold!

But also, it inhibits cold and flu infection, fights inflammation, and promotes healthy digestion. Sign me up. 

Let's Get Souping

I've put together a little guide featuring my Five Favorite 'Souping' Soups, including Green Reboot, Curried Parsnip Sunshine, Tuscan Tomato, and three more.  And, I'm sharing it with you!

How you 'soup' is up to you. There are 5, 4-serving soup recipes. You could:

  • make one soup a day, and gradually have LOADS of soup that you can eat for every meal as the week goes on (even breakfast, if you are real serious).
  • make a soup every other day, and eat each soup for two days, for just one or two of your meals). 
  • make all 5 soups on Sunday and do some serious souping all week long. 

The best part? There are no rules. Which means there is no way to do this wrong, or to not make it through. Just drink some nutrient pack soups that will warm you up and deeply nourish every cell in your body, and have a great week.

Download the plan below, and tag your souping adventures so we can see how you do it!   #voedensouping 

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