Intro to Interdietary Dating


I think we've all been there, you're coasting through the first date like a champ and having the time of your life, then all of a sudden it comes time to order. You get the salad and your date goes straight for the steak with a side of unrecognizable fried things smothered in gravy, and without evening trying to hide it you go all  Ramona eyed on him, sneak away to the bathroom and never come back. No shame, I myself have done it a few times, but rest assured it didn't have to end that way.

Truth be told I've been vegetarian for as long as I have been dating (over a decade), and not once have I ever frolicked through fields of daisies holding hands with a fellow veg-head. As a lover of all things leafy and green, and apparently carnivorous, I've learned that the struggle is real when it comes to interdietary dating but it's totally doable.

Interdietary Dating simply means, dating someone who has a different diet preference than your own, so for example, vegans dating carnivores, or vegetarians dating gluten-free folks and so on.

At first glance this may not seem like the biggest of deals but throughout history food has been at the forefront of courtship and still today plays a very important role in relationship building. From that iconic spaghetti kiss in Lady and the Tramp to the mind-blowing scene in When Harry Met Sally ("I'll have what she's having!") food has been known to bring couples together. And as if dating wasn't already hard enough after navigating through hot topics like religion, politics and cleaning habits, now we have to consider dietary preferences too? I thought choosing between creamy or crunchy peanut butter would be my biggest battle!

Tip 1: As with other differences couples face (who has to clean the litter box or the best way to load the dishwasher), tolerance, compromise and a blind-eye are a must at the diner table.

Join me on this journey through love, life and cooking as I share my tips on surviving and thriving in an interdietary relationship..... oh yeah, there's going to be awesome recipes too!

Peace out, Dean