On Cravings + A Creamy Chocolate Shake

Cravings and sugar addictions are one of the most prevalent topics I cover with clients. Cravings, often thought of as a weakness that needs to be overcome, are actually our bodies way of telling us that something is off balance. What something, you ask? It could be any number of things: needing more water, more sleep, more or less protein, more or less exercise, more green veggies, or simply more big ol bear hugs!

That's not all. As I hope you already know, sugar is crazy addictive and destructive stuff - and it is in almost EVERYTHING (everything processed that is). The average American consumes 130 POUNDS of sugar a year!

Sugar messes with your mood, your immune system, your cholesterol, your memory, and your skin. Want to age quickly, feel like poo, and have lots of wrinkles? Keep on drinkin' that sugar soda or loaded latte, eatin' cake, and breakin' the fast with muffins. Want to feel like gold? Drink green smoothies, a cacao shake, eat dark green leafys, and the right kind of protein for you body. 

So, the question of the day: what are you really hankerin' for? What's really going on in that smart and sassy bod of yours? 

When I'm craving a creamy bowl of ice cream, it is usually on a night when I'm alone. So I either tackle my rascally pup and make him snuggle or I make this sweet little substitute. I highly recommend either remedy. 


1 - frozen banana
1/2 - avocado
1 scoop - raw cacao powder
1/2 c. - almond, hemp, rice, or coconut milk
1/2 t. - local, raw honey
1/2 t. - vanilla
1/4 c. - oats or hemp seeds



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