Brush away your stress

It's that time of year. The time of year when we really need to slow down and take care of ourselves.

Are you finding yourself in a state of stress, trying to manage gift buying and wrapping, and party planning and attending on top of all your other responsibilities? It's time to buy a little something for yourself to ensure your upcoming winter season is stress free and restorative: a body brush. 

The nights are long and the days are short for a reason. So while we may be tempted to sit by the glare of our computer screen and burn the midnight oil, we should instead light a few candles, read a good book, brush our tired, dry bods, and cozy up in bed a little earlier. 

Brush our bods? Yes. 
Every day? Yes.  

This is another simple, small change that goes a long, long way. My favorite. 

Body brushing is delicious.  

  • It boosts circulation (it's going to get cold, let's get the blood a flowin')
  • It helps the body eliminate toxins (who wants to be toxic?)
  • This elimination helps break down fatty pockets (e'hem, cellulite) 
  • It helps relieve muscle tension (oh my achin', neglected back) 
  • It relieves stress (ahhhh) 

Brush in the morning for awesome energy. Brush in the evening for calm relaxation.

How to brush

Start at your feet, and make upward, circular sweeps. Be gentle on your thighs and tummy. Give your back and elbows a good dose of brushin' love. Take your time and enjoy it. Then slip into the shower to rinse the dead skin cells away. Cozy up in bed, wake up and drink warm lemon water, rock through the day, come home, repeat. (Do it daily, lady. And man.) 

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