How to eat dessert every night

If I were in charge, we'd have dessert every night.  But we don't have dessert every night, because it seems like too much work, it's "not healthy", and it makes us feel sluggish the next day. 

That's all behind us now.  

Sweet without sugar

My theory, is that if you have a *little* something sweet every day, as a part of a veggie loaded diet, it can be really really good for your health and happiness.  And, it can prevent a major binge.  Win win. 

I'm not talking anything big or loaded with refined sugar (sugar is so destructive to our health). I'm talking a piece of dark chocolate, a banana avocado cacao smoothie, or this coconut cream. 

Coconut Cream

For dipping, spreading, and leisurely consuming 

This is so simple and so delicious it might just make you cry.  Get a can a of full fat coconut milk, put it in your fridge for a couple hours, scoop out the thick top part into a bowl, and whip it up with 1 T. maple syrup and 1 t. vanilla. 

Then go on and dip your favorite fruits in it, use it as "frosting" on a healthy cake, and in place of whip cream.  How perfect would this be for a birthday cake?! Definitely whipping this up for Ruby's fast approaching first birthday.   

I love it when delicious things are simple and easy to prepare.  And this cream is easier than a trip to the corner ice cream shop.  I hope you enjoy!  And share your coconut cream creations with us on Facebook and Instagram.  (Don't forget to tag us!) 

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