I'm back, and I'm eating the same thing that I spread on my babe's bunners

I fell off the face of the earth for a minute there.  

But I'm back, and I promise it won't happen again... even if I have another baby someday, I won't go missing on you like this again.  

I thought starting a business was difficult - well turns out babies are BUSINESS. Tricky business.  

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Ok, so the secret bum balm that I've been spreading on my bebe, and also eating is....

drumroll please --- COCONUT OIL!  Obviously. :) 

I've been fascinated with this stuff for quite some time now, but my love affair with coconut oil has reached new heights. Wanna know why?  Because it keeps my bebe's buns rash free, and it keeps my energy up.  I also feel really good knowing that what I'm spreading on her most sensitive parts, and on her fresh, delicate new skin, is safe and nourishing. 

Don't spread it if you wouldn't eat it

This is a new rule that I live by.  I used to spread all sorts of crazy crap on my skin - self tanner, scented lotions, toxic sunscreen... but now I know better.  Anything that we put on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream, and interacts with our cells and organs. So my new rule? If you wouldn't put it in your mouth and eat it, don't spread it.  (hint - coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer).

Fall in love with Fat

I was terrified of fat in college.  I doused my salads with fat free dressing, and patted myself on the back for choosing fat free yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I might as well have put that salad and fruit in the garbage, because without healthy fats, my body couldn't use half the nutrients from the fruits and veggies anyway.  

We've been scared away from fat for years now, being told that it makes us fat, hurts our health, and hates on our heart.  Well, they were wrong.  It is now known that dietary fats found in real food do not cause heart disease and do not make us fat. 

Quite the contrary. Turns out we need fat.  Fat helps our bodies utilize all the goodness in fruits and veggies, helps regulate blood sugar, and it is vital for brain health. 

The Many Ways to Spread Coconut Oil (and why)

  • Cook with it. Coconut oil is the safest oil to cook and bake with - it can be heated to high temperatures without becoming carcinogenic. 
  • Slather it on your skin. It helps protect your skin from aging free radicals. 
  • Use to remove eye makeup - seriously! 
  • Add a scoop to your smoothie.  It's a terrific metabolism booster, and helps your body use the nutrients in the fruits and veggies. 

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