The secret to great oatmeal, that won't leave you hungry at 10am

It seems there are two kinds of people in the world: those who do well on oatmeal, and those who don't.  At least, that's what I thought until I made this version. It is literally the only breakfast that satisfies Ruby, so I make it every single morning.

The Secret Ingredient

So, I did this unintentionally one morning. I was making oatmeal for Ruby, with her on my hip, and as I was adding the cinnamon, I slipped and ended up dumping in a LOT more than I intended. Like, 1 tablespoon instead of 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of oatmeal. Whoopsadaisy.

So I went with it, and we had oatmeal that morning with a ton of cinnamon, and it was not only delicious, I felt great all morning! And then I remembered reading a study where cinnamon helped improve glucose levels in people with diabetes - aha moment!  The key to great oatmeal that won't leave you hungry at 10am is a generous heap of cinnamon!  

The cinnamon, combined with a heafty scoop of almond or peanut butter, ground flax, and hemp milk, make this a super powered bowl of oats. 


1 c. - rolled oats* (we use this kind)
2 c. - water
1 T. cinnamon (experiment with how much you can handle)
2-4 T. - organic almond, peanut, or sunflower butter
1/2 c. - frozen blueberries or fruit of choice (apples, pears, and even sweet potatoes are delicious)
2 T. - ground flax seed, chia seeds, or hemp seeds
1/4 c. - hemp milk (or milk of choice)
1-2 t. - maple syrup

*optional addition - stir in 1 local/organic egg


  1. Cook oats according to package instructions. Stir in cinnamon at the very beginning, before the oats start to cook up and expand.

  2. Toward the end of cooking, stir in nut butter, then fruit. 

  3. Remove from heat and stir in hemp milk, maple syrup, and then ground flax. You want to wait till the oats are cooled off just a bit before stirring in the flax. 

  4. Serve it up and enjoy!

*I've recently been adding cooked quinoa to this mixture as well - about 3/4 c. oats, and 1/4 c. cooked quinoa - this adds extra protein and variety (you have to switch things up when you eat this every morn!)
**if you stir in an egg, do so just before adding the nut butter. This makes the oats extra creamy and delicious, and it will keep you full even longer.