My Dad’s Amazing Voeden Transformation

Voeden Transformed My Dad's Life

When I first became a Voeden subscriber, I couldn’t stop myself from telling everyone about how energizing and transformative it was for my busy life, I even told my “meat and potatoes” dad. At the time, I thought he was being polite and supportive by listening to me. Honestly, he is the last person on Earth who would sign up for a healthy meal planning site.

Six months ago my dad’s doctor gave him some bad news. At 61 years old, he was in Stage 3 kidney failure, weighed 237 pounds and his cholesterol was 340. He also suffered from acid reflux, poor sleep and got easily winded while walking. His doctor urged him to sign up for Weight Watchers immediately.  

My dad remembered me telling him about Voeden Life, and insisted on trying that instead of Weight Watchers. His doctor immediately pulled up the website and liked what he saw, so he agreed to let my Dad try it for 6 months.

That’s when a remarkable thing happened.  My dad signed up for Voeden!  That day, he used the Voeden Life Pantry guide while shopping and filled his cart with plant based goodies. I was in disbelief. He even called me a few times while shopping so that I could walk him through things like “What the heck is tamari?”.

Just one month of following the Voeden Life meal plans,  he was feeling like a new man. His friends and family started asking him if he had lost weight, which he attributed to his healthy new lifestyle that was “stripping the bloat away.”  

Within two months he had lost 10 lbs and his acid reflux at night was completely gone, and for the first time in decades he was getting a restful, full night of sleep. Thanks to the weight loss, his snoring even stopped (which I know makes my mom happier)! Aside from having more energy, his favorite side effect was that he didn’t feel hungry all of the time anymore. While his portion size was getting smaller, he was feeling fuller longer.

Almost every night he would group text my sisters and I pictures of his soups and bowls. He was proud of what he was cooking and the progress he was making and just like me, he wanted to share it with everyone! He had more energy, he didn’t get winded going up the stairs and he was becoming a confident home cook! Aside from the health benefits of Voeden Life, there were other wonderful things happening too. My mom would come home from work to find a home cooked meal waiting for her (total role reversal from my childhood). My dad even started making up his own recipes as his confidence in the kitchen grew. Sidenote: I don’t think any of his creations were worthy of appearing in the meal plan, but the fact that he learned enough about healthy cooking for him to even go off script is awesome enough.

He even taught me a few things along the way! My dad became obsessed with doubling recipes to encourage himself to always have healthy choices on hand. Since he first shared that tip with me, I’ve started doubling soups and other easy to freeze dishes for those busy nights when taking your shoes off seems like too much work, let alone make dinner for two kids…  

Fast forward 6 months, he went from the middle of Stage 3 liver failure to almost being classified as Stage 2. He miraculously dropped his cholesterol from 340 to 220 and lost 20 lbs. along the way.

Needless to say, his doctor was shocked. I’m so proud of how far my dad has come in the past 6 months, he is a shining example that you can teach an old dog new tricks (love you Dad!).

And the best part about all of this is my kids get to hang out with their papa for many more years to come thanks to Voeden.

  “Voeden on Mom’s fine china": He was talking about his 92 year old mom, my sweet grandma, he made up that recipe for her on his own when staying with her this summer:)

“Voeden on Mom’s fine china": He was talking about his 92 year old mom, my sweet grandma, he made up that recipe for her on his own when staying with her this summer:)

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