Voeden Stocking Stuffer Guide


With Christmas just around the corner we've all put together our favorite gift ideas to share, last week you saw Dean's and this week I'm breaking down my favorite gifts for 2015! We're keeping it super local this year by supporting the amazing companies right here in Grand Rapids. 

1. Kombucha starter kit - Bloom Ferments sells starter kits at Nourish Organic Market and O'Conner's Homebrew Supply. Because it's pretty rad to offer your guests homebrew kombucha, and it's super fun and crazy economical to make at home. 

2. A year's worth of pints from Love's Ice Cream! Because everyone needs a treat (80/20), so make it a high quality, super satisfying and crazy delicious one. $99.50 - To purchase, stop in the store (downtown market), email scream@lovesicecream.com, or call their shop 616-965-1054

3. Smart Wool Socks - because they keep your feet the perfect temperature so you are never too cold (cold feet are miserable) or too hot (imagine never having sweaty feet/socks again - it's a dream come true!). 

4.  Tater Tats - so you can get tatted up with beautiful (temporary) fruit and veggie tattoos and support West Michigan farmers at the same time. Win!

5. Peppermint Essential Oil - so you stop chewing gum loaded with chemicals (just put a drop on the top of your mouth for instantly fresh breath)! And for when you have a headache or need an energy boost. (Take a whiff and rub on your temples). 

6.  Doorganics - skip the grocery store and get your produce, meats and dairy delivered right to your door. Everything is organic, plus fewer trips to the grocery store means more time in the kitchen!

BONUS: Star Dinner Game - for kids (and grownups), because we all need a fun reminder to eat loads of fruits and veggies. And who doesn't want to be like Kelly Kale? Eat a veggie - earn a star!