Feature Friday: What do you eat for lunch?


Oh hey, what do you eat for lunch when you fly airplanes all over cold, mountainous, beautiful Alaska? Well, if you are my brother and you've been listening to what I say, you start souping. 

I'd like you to meet Jason (my brother!), a pilot in Alaska. Pictured above, he is flying a single engine plane all by his own self over mountains and bears. He has since upgraded to a double engine plane with double the pilots. Praise be. He also upgraded his lunch routine, and I have to say, it's a real smart one!

See all those jars in that (super clean, oh my goodness!) fridge? Those are filled with soup that he grabs for lunch. Here's his routine. 

Tell us about your lunch routine. 

It's really simple. I make a huge pot of soup, and divide it into jars and put them in the fridge for the week.

In the morning, I heat up one jar of soup over the stove while I take a shower, then pour the soup in my Thermos, grab an apple and quickly cut it up because I think you get more of the apple that way, and walk out the door.

The soup stays hot for like 6 hours! So by lunchtime, I have a warm, comforting, energizing meal to eat.


What did you do before you started souping? 

I used to take a sandwich to work every day, which got super boring, and towards the end of the day I was always looking for a pick me up. I decided I wanted something more nutritious and satisfying. 

I'm in an airplane for 6-7 hours a day, and I wanted a lunch that I looked forward to eating, that was delicious, warm, and comforting. I also don't have a way to re-heat so I needed something I could take in a Thermos. 

I started with a recipe called "meat slop" that I found online (insert my try-not-to-look-offended-and-maddened-for-not-going-straight-to-Voeden face). 

It sounds gross (because it is!), but it's basically a soup with ground meat, two heads of purple cabbage, and some beans and spices (OK, the purple cabbage helps).

Noticing my face he says, "hey, I'm a bachelor on a budget!". 

 chicken soup for the soul at 23,000 feet. 

chicken soup for the soul at 23,000 feet. 

What Kinds of soups do you make now?

All kinds. I still like the meat slop, but I've now done your Chicken Soup, Lentil Soup, and am excited to try more! Any kind of soup works, giving me unlimited options so I don't get tired of it. 

Do you feel a difference in your energy? 

For sure. Before I started souping for lunch, I would eat a sandwich or get Chinese at one of our stops, and feel like dozing off on the plane. When I eat more fruits and veggies, a smoothie in the morning, and soup for lunch, I'm way more alert and less drowsy. 

Is it worth all the work up front? 

Absolutely. If I'm home anyway, it's not hard to make a batch of soup and let it simmer, then put it into jars. The morning is so much easier now, and my day is so much better!

(Insert me thinking, no excuses Tina! Eat like a champion.) 


Thanks Jason! We love this idea so much.

What do you think? Would you try soups for lunch? It seems like such an easy morning routine. I think I'm going to start filling one or two jars from a weekly soup and pop in the freezer, so I have a variety of soups to choose from! 

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