5 Powerhouse Greens You Should Be Eating



Say hello to your skin's new best friend and health-giving green, rich in beta carotene and Vitamin C, which is a killer combination for fighting off free radicals.Free radicals are known for contributing to cancer, but they also damage skin cells. In addition, watercress is is also the richest source of PEITC (phenylethyl isothiocyanate), which research suggests can fight cancer. Watercress is in season from April - September, and it's hot peppery taste is a great addition to any summer salad, as a nice garnish, and makes a great flavor compliment to salmon or trout. 

Spinach: Made famous by Popeye, this green is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Spinach is an excellent source of non-heme iron, and while it won't make your muscles grow as quickly as it did for Popeye, spinach has been known for it's abilities to restore energy, fight cancer and even lower blood pressure. This health-boosting green is In season all Spring and Summer locally, but this green is available all year around. Did you know that spinach is in the same family as beets, quinoa and chard? With a mild bitterness, a subtle salty flare this leafy green is ideal for summer salads, just combine with a bean, a berry and a little quinoa for a refreshingly crisp, flavorful dish. Or simply combine with coconut water and a banana for a quick and simple morning smoothie. 

Parlsey: Detoxifying is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of parsley. As a healthy green, rich in Vitamin K, C, B12 and A, this little leaf boosts your immune system, supports bone growth and helps flush out your kidneys. Available all year around, and popular in Mediterranean foods, parsley needs to make its way on to your plate. We love making a quick tabbouleh, just chop up a bunch of parsley, add some quinoa or bulgar, fresh lemon juice, cucumbers, a little fresh mint and tomatoes and you're all set. Or parsley is awesome in juices, just combine with lemon, green apple and banana for a bright green treat. 

Arugula: Low in calories and high in flavor this peppery little green should be the star of your summer meals. Like the rest of these leafy greens, it is high in Vitamins K, A, C and calcium. As a cruciferous vegetable (same family as broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, watercress and turnips) eating arugula can lower your risk of certain cancers, including lung and colon. The best way to enjoy this green is to keep it simple, squeeze fresh lemon juice over the top and enjoy. Also is great to add on to your flatbreads after you cook them! 

Asparagus:  Like leafy greens, asparagus contains folate which works with B 12 (found in fish and a few of our friends above) to combat cognitive impairment. High in Vitamins A, K, C and packed with antioxidants, which helps to protect against free radicals, which may aid in slowing down the aging process. If you're over 50 be sure to get enough B 12,  and any of these top 5 greens are great natural sources to help keep you sharp as you age. Asparagus is great candidate for grilling, drizzle lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with a pinch of salt then grill until tender, it's also amazing in soups, and