Spring Week 13 + 3 Thing I've learned this spring

Meal plan for Spring Week 13

Spring Herb Stuffed Tomatoes / Black Bean Soup / Spring Pot Pies / Strawberry Poppyseed Salad / Taco Night

It's that last week of spring meal plans! Summer is around the corner, which means the farmers markets are really starting to bust with veggies, and I couldn't be happier. 

So I'm curious, what was the spring season like for you? What did you like best about this season, this year? What did you notice? I learned a few things this season. 

  1. Health, energy, glow-y-ness - all the things we talk about getting when you eat the "Voeden way" (aka packed with in season veggies) - these things are a journey, not a destination. I had some really tried days this spring. It was discouraging. But it allowed me to discover some ways to quickly boost my energy, and learn what my body needed in this busy, sun filled spring time. 
  2. Just follow the plan. I had some weeks where I just didn't follow the meal plan. Usually when it was a heavy recipe testing week. Those weeks were rough! And I'm actually not great at throwing something together last minute. I do much better when I have the week's meals planned out, and everything I need in my kitchen to make the meal ( I know, duh). 
  3. You are unique. With so many diet types out there, I just have to remind you all - there is no right way. You are unique! And your body needs different things at different times. This spring, I found myself adding meat to the meals more often than normal - and it was just what I needed. 

 Goodbye spring! It's been real. 

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