Do you fear fat? + Ground walnut "meat"

Do you eat enough fat?

While on vacation this past week, I had to stop in a few supermarkets and was amazed by all the processed, low-fat, fat free products still on the market.

Fat free, low-fat, processed food are often loaded with sugar and chemicals. It's those sugars and chemicals, not fat, that makes us fat (and sick).

Margarine, "olive oil" butter, fat free salad dressing, fat free yogurt - fat free anything is not worth your time. You will eat it, not feel satisfied (because your body isn't getting what it needs, and so much it doesn't need) and want to eat some more. 

I am a firm believer that every meal we eat should be a little indulgent (creamy, juicy, yummy). Eating is about more than just filling up our tank. It's about pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction, and it's fat that brings us that satisfaction. 

So this week, I'm sharing a simple walnut "meat" recipe that you can add to salads, wraps, tacos, and more. This is a simple and delicious way to get healthy, important fats in your diet.

Ground Walnut Meat

We love to add ground walnut meat to our Cilantro Lime Taco Salad. Walnuts, which look like little brains, are food for the brain. They are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial for brain development and health. It is extremely important that we get enough omega-3s in our diet as it helps prevent depression, Alzheimer's, dementia, and many other mental health conditions. So eat up those walnuts!


1 c. - walnuts, soaked overnight if possible
1 T. - tamari

1 t. - olive oil
1 t. - cumin
1/2 t. - chili powder


In a food processor or blender, pulse together the walnuts, tamari, olive oil, cumin, and chili powder into a chunky, meat like texure. Add to salads, tacos, wraps, toastadas, and more!


We can help you eat good fats everyday.