3 Smart Things to Consume Today

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are three simple things to consume today that will make your day more enjoyable and less miserably full. 

  1. Lemon water: Sip it before and after the feast to give your body a boost of alkalizing hydration that will help prevent bloating and keep things moving.
  2. Raw Veggies: isn't it funny that before the meal even starts, there's a pre-meal (aka appetizers?) Repeat after me: RAW VEGGIES. Do not look left, do not look right, only raw veggies. This will give your body a huge boost of nutrients, water, and fiber so you will eat less at the dinner table (potentially), and feel better later. (YOU might have to be the one to bring those raw veggies!)
  3. Lemon Ginger Tea: This will soothe your stomach and aid your digestive system at the end of an eat-full day. 

Let the eating begin!