2016 Gift Guide: 10 items under $30 that you will want to buy for yourself too

How is it mid-December already?!

Every year I intend to finish shopping before December, and every December I give our Prime membership a good workout with that glorious 2-day free shipping (total life savor - anything to avoid the scary mall). 

Here's a list of things I've purchased throughout the year that I totally love, and have ended up buying as gifts for the ones I love. 

DISCLAIMER, you may end up buying all these things for yourself instead, I MEAN TOO. 

Merry merry!

Produce Saver Bins, $24.95, for that busy person in your life whose food goes bad before they have a chance to eat it. I just bought two of these - one for carrots/celery and one for cut up broccoli and cauliflower, and now I eat so many more veggies. Bonus, my fridge looks clean and organized now! 

Lemon Saver, $3.99, for all those half used lemons that inevitably go bad on the counter or get randomly tossed in the crisper bin only to be found moldy, 3 weeks later. I also have one for: avocado, lime, onion. Goodbye baggies and waste. 

Chef's Knife, $13.45, and cuts like a dream. I took a cooking class in Chicago and the chef raved about this crazy affordable brand that he claims is all he uses. That's right, a real live chef who uses a $13 knife. Sold. It's seriously the best knife ever, and comes in such fun colors!

Coconut Milk Powder, $19.99, a superfood that replaces the need for canned full fat coconut milk and dairy creamers. Life changing!

Spiralizer, $19.99, for the one who is bound to swear off carbs in January. ;)


Wireless Jump Rope, $27.99, for the one who travels a lot, lives in a small space, or just loves a new workout gadget (oooo, me!). This counts your jumps and calories burned. I have visions of doing this in front of the TV all winter long, because let's face it, Netflix. 

Dry Body Brush, $19.95 + Sweet Almond Oil, $13.95, for seriously soft, hydrated skin all winter long. Here's the trick - you dry brush to exfoliate while the shower warms up, take your shower but go easy on the soap, turn the water off, and then rub sweet almond oil all over while your skin is wet (I keep my bottle right in the shower) - pat dry with your towel.

Applying the oil on wet skin locks in the moister and is less greasy (no grease, in fact). Coconut oil just never worked for me in that regard.

You will never have to rub lotion on your body again - I'm so serious! Goodbye dry, itchy, scaly winter skin. Hello baby's bottom. 

Coobie bra, $18, for all your friend's boobies. ;) It's the. most. comfortable. bra. ever. Once you go coobie, you never go back. Say goodbye to that end of the day, I-have-to-get-out-of-this-bra feeling. The coobie gives all the support and protection you need while miraculously making it feel like your girls are free. Bonus - it also gives a nice lifted look. And don't you just love the sexy lace on top?

Voeden Life Gift Subscription, because they are on sale! $79 for a one year, $19 for the 3 month. Friends don't let friends make crazy New Year's diet and weight loss resolutions. Show them that eating real food will get them to their goals for good.