The best smoothie for winter + the best time to drink it


Drinking smoothies in the winter is tricky. Cold drinks on a cold day - not exactly what the body is craving.

Here's the trick - drink a smoothie after exercising. Heat your body up first, then recover with a health boosting, protein packed smoothie. A cold refreshing smoothie will actually sound good because yay! you're warm!

Plus it's the best way to pack in extra dark leafy greens and superfoods. 

Here is my favorite smoothie for winter, delivering 18g of protein, 16g of fiber, 1,254mg of potassium, and 160% of your daily vitamin C. 

In other words, it will keep you full, keep your blood sugar stable, and boost your immune system.

But most important - it's sooooo yummy. Enjoy! 


1 - frozen banana
1 - orange
1/2 - avocado
1 cup - spinach
4 T. - hemp seeds
1-2 c. - coconut, hemp or flax milk
1/2 t. - vanilla


Blend and enjoy!