Why do we care about antioxidants?

I spend a lot of time researching and writing about the health benefits of foods so that I can craft healthy meal plans each week.

The number one health benefit that most veggies have in common is their high levels of antioxidants. Why is that so important? Antioxidants are substances that neutralize and remove free radicals from the body. 

Ok, then what are free radicals? 

Free radicals are big bullies that go around turning other healthy cells into free radicals, causing all sorts of problems like illness and chronic disease.  

Our bodies naturally produce free radicals (annoying, i know), but they also occur in our bodies because of pollution, herbicides, chemicals (which are in everything - go natural!), etc. 

We also naturally produce antioxidants to fight the free radicals. But we often don't produce enough antioxidants to win the war.

Since we don't produce enough antioxidants to destroy all the free radicals, we must eat loads of antioxidant rich foods.

There are tons of different types of antioxidants found in nature, which help with all different things. Some antioxidants help protect the eyes (beta-carotene) while other types help protect our heart, and so on. Each week we try to balance our intake with our healthy meal plans.

In order to get a wide variety of antioxidants to protect all the parts of our bodies, we must eat a wide variety of veggies and fruits.

Which is why we pack our meal plans with these powerful, diverse, delicious plants. 

Eat loads of antioxidants for a week and feel the difference with our 1 week meal plan (totally free)!