Seasonal Ingredients: The Health Benefits of Leeks


How many of you are familiar and comfortable cooking with leeks? With a flavor profile that is part onion, part garlic this oversized scallion looking vegetable packs quite the punch when you add it to your Spring dishes. Leeks, cousins to garlic and onion, (which makes sense due to their similar flavors) all belong to the same vegetable family, Allium. 

If you're in the store or at the market looking for leeks they resemble oversized green onions with a green top and a medium sized white bulb at the base. The leaves should be dark and green, and not wilted at all.. that's how you'll know they are at the peak of their flavor. 

You can use them just as you would an onion, they have a slightly sweeter taste but totally interchangeable. 

Favorite Ways To Eat Leeks:

  1. One sure fire way to enjoy leeks, especially if you've never used them before is to try them out in a soup. Our Potato Leek Soup is a must try. 

  2. Sautee them up in a pan with just a little bit of olive oil, salt and fennel. Squeeze a splash of lemon on top and sprinkle some thyme to finish it off. 

  3. One word, frittata! Literally one of my favorite things ever to toss into my eggs in the morning. Pairs perfectly with fresh basil, kale, sweet potatoes and a little feta. 

Top Three Reasons I Love Leeks:


  1. Contains B vitamin folate; complex vitamin for supporting cardiovascular system, preventing anemia, allows nerves to function properly, and can aid in prevention of dementias

  2. Full of chlorophyll which has many benefits to it such as; boots immune system, combats again, effective in treating exposed wounds and burns, replenishes red blood cells, reduces symptoms of insomnia and fatigue, and more

  3. Excellent source of vitamin A, and a good source of vitamin C


 Leek and Spinach Fritatta

Leek and Spinach Fritatta

    Root Noodle Soup
     Stuffed Russet with Leek Sauce

    Stuffed Russet with Leek Sauce