5 reasons following a meal plan is a must for this busy mom

Here's a fun fact for ya - if I don't have a plan for dinner, there's a 50% chance we are ordering take out, and a 50% chance we are making french toast. I NEED my plan. 

Life is wonderfully crazy in the best possible way, but by 5pm, the crazy has to stop or it will actually make me crazy. This, my dear friends, is why I follow a meal plan. 

  1. More space in my brain. One less thing to think about in the afternoon when my get-it-done drive is slowing down, yes PLEASE.
  2. Everything I need for dinner is ready and waiting in my kitchen. I cannot in good conscience make french toast or order thai food if all the ingredients to make a delicious dinner are in my kitchen. 
  3. Cooking is actually fun. No matter how tired I am, once I start making dinner and sipping kombucha and dancing a little, cooking is fun! And energizing! What a sweet surprise.
  4. I actually get my toddler involved. Whenever I hear someone tell me the secret to getting your kids to eat well is by getting them involved in the cooking process (wait, I think I said that), in my head I'm like "LOL" (aka laughing at my own advice). Getting dinner going every night is hard enough you crazy expert you.

    But when I'm following the meal plan, something magical happens. I'm not stressed out, my kitchen isn't a disaster area, and I can actually set my almost 3 year old up with a job. Here, stir this up, or here, rip up this kale. Every time it happens it's magical and confidence building. And it only happens when I've planned. 
  5. I actually have the energy to do all the things I want to do. I know we say it all the live long day, but it's true - eating well increases your energy. Eat better and you feel better. I see it happen in myself and in our subscribers and it's what this is all about my friends. 

And now - all the meal planning can be done in our iOS app! This means my shopping list is always up-to-date and with me, and I can modify my plan on the fly. It's pretty great. 

To get a taste of the Voeden life, here's a free meal plan for ya. To get the app, subscribe here.