Healthy on-the-go Part 1: Emergency Food Pit Stops


My life is ca-raaaaazy right now. Half of the time I’m living out of my car, and much of the time, I don’t know where or when I’m going to eat my next meal. I know, can you believe that?! Embarrassing.  

We bought a new home (yay!) that we are completely renovating (yay?). So we are living with family 30 minutes away from where our home is, where our jobs are, and where are friends and church and life is.

In other words, we’re driving a lot and eating on the run - a lot.

So, for the month of September, I'm going to talk about how to be Healthy on-the-go. 

As an avid meal planner, I like to be prepared, but this is a very unique time in my life where I'm just not always. So I'm kicking off this series with what foods to buy when you're on the fly. 

What do you do when you find yourself hungry without a properly packed meal or snack?

You make a food pit stop.

When I'm out and about, far from home and without a properly packed snack or meal, I make a pit stop at a grocery store. Here is what I'll buy: 

  • Raw nuts/seeds - almonds, walnuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and a small hunk of super dark chocolate (because, obviously).
  • Almond butter - I'll eat a spoonful (tip - keep a few plastic utensils in your car), or I'll dip fruits and veggies in it. Almond butter has protein and healthy fats that are vital for keeping blood sugar levels stable and energy up. 
  • Whole fruit: apple, banana, pear, etc.
  • An avocado- again keep a spoon in your car - simply slice the avocado in half and scoop out the flesh with your spoon. These healthy fats are crazy good for maintaining energy, maintaining a normal weight and keeping the blood sugar stable.
  • Kind bars - typically lower in sugar than most granola bars.
  • Pre-cut veggies
  • Bags of veggies: there is usually a place in the grocery store where you can throw loose veggies in a bag. I'll fill a bag with snap peas, another bag with carrots, another with green beans, etc. Raw veggie snacking when you are on the fly is key for keeping your energy up - it helps keep you hydrated, clear minded and satisfied. 
  • Frozen edamame - high in protein and fiber, and really refreshing.
  • Super hard, whole grain pretzels - dip them in almond butter or hummus.
  • A jar of olives - loaded with healthy fats that quickly take the edge off your hunger, fuel your brain, and keep you skinny (for real guys). 

At the end of this September series, all these tips and recipes will be put into a printable guide that I will email to you! To make sure you don't miss it, subscribe via email to this blog below.