What I do When Feeling Blue (and it's not yoga)

As I'm writing this post, I'm feeling totally blah. It's gloomy outside, I sat down to get a crap ton of work done, and can't login to any of my accounts where I do my work. 4 hours of childcare wasted? I'm frustrated. 

But I just drank a green smoothie, so I should be all rosy and full of sunshine, right?! 

And then I heard this:

"People under-estimate the power of exercise on their mental/emotion health, and over-estimate what exercise will do for their body, while under-estimating what food will do for their body". 

In other words, if I want to feel good mentally and emotionally, I need to move my friggin' body.

I'm really good at eating well. I eat a LOT of dark leafy greens. 

But since having my daughter (3 years ago!), I'm really bad at making time for consistent exercise (and I used to be a personal trainer!). 

My excuses?

I don't have time. 

I'm already dressed for the day - now I have to change into gym clothes, get sweaty, then what? Get ready all over again?

Or do I spend all day in my workout clothes, finally workout in the evening, and feel like a slob all day? 

I can't exercise in the morning, I'd have to wake up at the crack of dawn, and my daughter is sure to wake up earlier too (how do they know - in their sleep - that we're awake without them?!) 

And my number one excuse - I eat really well, I don't need that much exercise. 

All of these excuses, especially that last one, are bullarky. And the only person I'm hurting is myself (ok and everyone around me). 

If we want to be the best version of ourselves, beat the blues, perform better mentally, and feel better emotionally, we have to MOVE. 

And the good news is, new research shows that just 10 minutes will do the trick

Which means I can "get ready" in the morning and workout in the afternoon without having to take a shower afterward (a little dab in the pits and we're good to go).

Here's my go-to 10 minute workout (back from my training days) that works the entire body, get's the heart rate up, makes you feel like you've actually worked out, and can be done in the amount of time it would take to drive to the gym. 

I'm leaving my desk to do this RIGHT NOW. High five!

10 Minute Workout

Equipment needed: good music and a set of hand weights

4 minutes of cardio

30 seconds low intensity: jog or walk in place
30 seconds high intensity: high knees in place

30 seconds low intensity: jog or walk  in place
30 seconds high intensity: jumping jacks

30 seconds low intensity: jog in place
30 seconds high intensity: squat jumps

30 seconds low intensity: jog or walk in place
30 seconds high intensity: high knees in place

3 minutes of strength

1 Minute: Squat / Shoulder Press

1 Minute: Lunge / Bicep Curl

1 Minute: Upright Row / Calf Raise

2 minutes of core

1 minute: Plank

1 minutes: Superman

1 minute of stretching

30 seconds: Downward dog

30 seconds: Child's pose