3 ways to detox that aren't miserable

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Are you feeling overwhelmed, bogged down and ready for a change? 

Just hearing the word “detox” makes me cringe, but a detox doesn’t have to be an extreme (and miserable) juice cleanse. With Fall right around the corner, many are talking about cleansing and detoxing.

But we’re talking about the best ways to enhance and bolster up your wellbeing that don’t involve juicing or fasting, and no time is like the present to get organized and get serious about feeling your best. 

  1. Do a pantry refresh. This is the most important thing you could ever do (yes, bold statment!) and when new member subscribe to Voeden Life we give them tips on how to set-up your pantry the right way. Here’s an abbreviated version.

    1. Stock up with a few healthy grains (quinoa, millet), beans, nuts, oils (coconut and olive), vinegars, gluten free noodles (soba and quinoa are favs), and spices (think turmeric, cumin, and chili powder for fall). 

    2. Don't trust the labels or buy into the hype of packaged health foods. If the ingredients list is longer than a tweet, or if you can’t pronounce half of the items on it, then opt for a less processed option. 

    3. Never buy lowfat or fat free ever again - ever! I free you up to eat healthy fats without any inhibition - your mind, mood, and body will thank you. Lowfat and Fat Free just mean they replaced the fat with sugar, and excess sugar will turn into fat once it makes it way into your body. How ironic. Did your read our post about why fat doesn’t make you fat? (

    4. Opt for natural sweeteners like dates, real maple syrup, honey, or agave nectar. Get rid of anything with artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose, I think that we can all agree that there is enough evidence that this stuff is bad for you. If you don’t believe us read these articles: Harvard, Mayo Clinic 

    5. Purge your pantry/refrigerator with non-processed foods and don’t buy junk food. It’s a simple principle, if it’s not there you won't eat it. So if you’re trying to lose weight, or just get into a more healthy lifestyle, avoid highly-processed foods and stock up on fruits and vegetables (don’t worry we will teach you how to enjoy them).

  2. Increase Your Vegetable Intake. A detox doesn’t have to be as dramatic as cutting out all solid food for a week. Simply increasing your vegetable intake will also increase your fiber and nutrient intake too, helping you naturally detox. Beets, apples, cabbage, ginger, turmeric and lots of dark leafy greens are just a few of the best foods for a natural, fall detox. Try out Reset Salad.

  3. Make a plan. This is where we stumble, life gets crazy and hectic and our diets take a back seat to soccer practice, dance recitals and work functions. But if you have a plan you’re more likely to stick to it! That’s where we come in, we do the dirty work for you. We plan, you cook and then feel great after.

If you’re not a part of the Voeden Life family yet, check out our subscriber stories and then join us! Our goal is to help you transition into a healthy lifestyle, not a fad diet and not a 3 day detox.