Gift Guide

Treat Yo Self (or your friend) Gift Guide


1. Good mood food for the soul / 2. Good vibrations / 3. Something shiny / 4. Because smoothies and beans should be displayed in pretty purple jars / 5. Refreshing mist for when things heat up in the kitchen / 6. It's all about the presentation

I'm going to call this holiday list our "Treat Yo Self" list because while shopping for others it's inevitable that you'll pick up a few gems for yourself too. 

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love, and when meditating, hold rose quartz close to your heart for an extra kick of cosmic support, also know as food for the soul. 

Your house should feel like home, it should be a sacred space for that you can retreat to, that's why I love the Good Vibrations candle, not only is the design clean and simple but the scent is refreshing and calming. 

Buying jewelry for someone else can sometimes be tricky so it's always nice to find something you love and invest in quality pieces that make you feel like the strong, beautiful woman you are. 

Ball jars released a limited edition purple colored jar this year and they would make the most perfect gift for the salad jar lover in your life. I use mason jars for everything these days and cannot wait until they come out with a jade green version! .A boy can dream can't he?

When it gets too hot in the kitchen and when the holidays start to wear you down, treat yourself to a refreshing Rosewater mist, you'll feel like a whole new person. 

It's no secret that food looks better on cute serving trays, you can buy the one above or check out the budget friendly version from Target, because everyone loves a steal! 

Hope you enjoyed, happy holidays everyone! 

Still Scrambling For A Last Minute Gift?


Looking for a unique gift idea or did you just procrastinate a little bit too long this year? Give someone the gift of more energy and better health with a Voeden Life subscription.

My baby sister just recently graduated from college and got engaged, which means she will finally have the time and money to cook something other than chicken flavored Ramen noodles!

We decided to give her a one year subscription to Voeden Life meal plans, which, by the way are on sale right now for only $89 and a we made the cute little “Pantry Starter” gift basket below….She LOVED it!

The gift basket was super easy and fun to make, here's how to do it: 

  1. Find a large ceramic serving bowl, colander, mixing bowl or even a casserole dish.
  2. Fill it with essential Voeden ingredients like soba noodles, tamari and Rapunzel bouillon cubes. You can find these in our Pantry Store and you don't even have to leave your house! 
  3. Print out the Gift Certificate and share your love and support! 

So give the gift of good health this year!  And don’t forget to offer your encouragement and support along the way to keep them eating healthy. That will be the best gift of all! Side note, these work perfectly for weddings, graduations and birthdays too, not just big fancy holidays! 

XO, Jill