Let's talk about Tempeh...


Let's be honest, tempeh is terrifying. It has always terrified me. It has the perfect mix of 2 parts mystery, 2 parts "how the heck do I even pronounce the word" and 1 part, "this looks like brains."

For years I would buy bricks of this stuff at the grocery store with dreams of changing the world with my tempeh masterpiece, but In reality, I'd chicken out and it would disappear into the black abyss that is the back of refrigerator never to be seen again....

We'll I'm here to tell you that if you haven't given tempeh a try, the Shredded Cabbage and Tempeh Bowl is the dish to start with.

Tempeh, pronounced TEM-PAY, is fermented whole soybean - the only type of soy we like to consume. The fermentation process makes it easy to digest, and it is high in protein and vitamins. Tempeh also ranks very low on the glycemic index!

Selecting & Storing

When selecting tempeh from the store look for bricks with a dry, whitish outer surface and avoid any bricks that have pink, yellow or blue-ish hues, that is a sign of over fermentation. The beans should be tightly bound together.

Store packaged tempeh in the refrigerator, and check the sell by date when purchasing to make sure it's still fresh. If you don't use the whole brick at one time, you can wrap it back up in plastic wrap and store for about 10 days. If you freeze the tempeh it will last for several months, just allow ample time to thaw before cooking otherwise the texture gets a bit wonky.

Preparation Tips:

  • Temeph is similar in flavor profile to white button mushrooms or baby bellas in the sense that it has a flavor of its own but it really takes on the flavor of the seasonings within the dish.
  • Because tempeh is sold in bricks you have a few options for preparation; slice it into strips, dice into cubes, or crumble it into cute little nuggets like ground meat.

Good luck and good eats!