We deliver nourishing recipes and automated grocery lists
via an iOS App and printable PDF

So that you can simplify and energize your life.




Health coach crafted with thought and love. A mix of upgraded family favorites and adventurous recipes. Easily modifiable for all diet types.

currated meal plans


Weekly meal plans are created for you, but you are able to take recipes in and out of the plan - in our iOS App - and the grocery list will auto-update.


Organized grocery list updates with any changes you make to your plan. Add additional items to your list like dog food and red wine.  

"This is unbelievable - I enjoy cooking now that I love what I'm cooking!"


"A client raved about how much more energy they had after eating these meals, and I thought - I need more energy! My kids need healthy meals!"


Meet Tina

Founder of Voeden Life, health coach, recipe designer, and meal plan curator dedicated to help you shop for you own ingredients, cook amazing meals at home, and live a nourished (voeden) life.