Meal Plan Subscription

Veggie loaded. In-season. Simple. 


Eat well and feel awesome with the help of our weekly meal plans. Organized grocery list + 5 simple recipes each week. 

Each week the recipes and grocery list are delivered via our iOS App and Printable PDF.

What you get: 

  • Weekly dinner meal plan with veggie loaded recipes the whole family will love. 
  • Simple shopping list each week.
  • Weekly meal prep tips to simplify and consolidate your time in the kitchen. 
  • Fun health information about the recipes. 
  • GUIDES: pantry set up guide, grocery shopping guide, meal prep guide, meat on the side guide, grain and bean guide, Voeden Life food philosophy guide. 
  • BONUS smoothie, breakfast, snack and dessert recipes. 

How it's delivered: 

  • iOS App for iPhone users! The app allows you to customize your weekly plan - take recipes out and add recipes in and your list will auto-update. Add items (i.e. dog food, toilet paper) to your grocery list for a one stop digital list. 
  • Weekly email: every Thursday at 4pm we send an email with the printable PDF, meal prep tips and health information about each recipe.