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Six months ago my dad’s doctor gave him some bad news. At 61 years old, he was in Stage 3 kidney failure, weighed 237 pounds and his cholesterol was 340. He also suffered from acid reflux, poor sleep and got easily winded while walking. His doctor urged him to sign up for Weight Watchers immediately.  

My dad remembered me telling him about Voeden Life, and insisted on trying that instead of Weight Watchers. His doctor immediately pulled up the website and liked what he saw, so he agreed to let my Dad try it for 6 months.

Just one month of following the Voeden Life meal plans,  he was feeling like a new man, and within two months he had lost 10 lbs and his acid reflux at night was completely gone, and for the first time in decades he was getting a restful, full night of sleep. His favorite side effect was that he didn’t feel hungry all of the time anymore. While his portion size was getting smaller, he was feeling fuller longer.

Fast forward 6 months, he went from the middle of Stage 3 liver failure to almost being classified as Stage 2. He miraculously dropped his cholesterol from 340 to 220 and lost 20 lbs. along the way.

Needless to say, his doctor was shocked. I’m so proud of how far my dad has come in the past 6 months, he is a shining example that you can teach an old dog new tricks (love you Dad!).

And the best part about all of this is my kids get to hang out with their papa for many more years to come thanks to Voeden.

"I am not by nature a good cook, but I am able to follow these recipes with ease, and with a great outcome each time. My mood and well-being have improved because I never have to plan meals - it's brain power that I don't have to provide. The shopping list is a life saver and simplifies my busy week. I go in to the grocery store knowing what I need for the week and it definitely saves time.  One other thing I love is that with a stocked pantry, there is almost always a meal in the archive that can be made from the legumes and random sweet potato I have laying around- I can't give that enough praise- I'm not creative enough to think of what to do with the squash or sweet potato, but Tina is and has it all on Voeden Life for me!  With being pregnant again, I'm more in tune with what supplies my body/baby with what it needs.  I really appreciate the veggie-packed Voeden Life menu."

Melissa A., Family of 4

"I was concerned about the variety and food options, but my beautiful, stunning, and almost-always-smarter-than-me-and-most-certainly-most-often-times-right-in-all-things wife compelled me.  And conveniently, the fear I had of food variety is the exact opposite. Meals are unique, customizable, and diverse!  I love the variety! 

We have less stress when we arrive back home together.  I work. She works. And instead of trying to think up a meal that night, we have it planned.  So while I know I'm eating healthier, my mental health is better and due to less petty arguments, my marriage's health is also increasing.  Shopping is no longer like a scavenger hunt without a list.  Too often we would go without even knowing what we were going to make for dinner that week. Now, all we do is show up, check things off our list, and get out of there - and almost always with spending less money than we had before Voeden! 

You can't beat the cost for all that you receive through Voeden.  You receive so many unique, delicious meals, you receive the ease of a weekly grocery list, and you lose the stress of wondering if what you're eating is healthy for you.  It's a no-brainer."

Andy A.

"I wondered if I would be able to find all the ingredients and execute the recipes. But I have found the recipes to be very easy to follow, short on prep time, and filled with ingredients that are readily available.

I am always overwhelmed trying to find healthy, tasty recipes week to week. I find it time consuming to make up my grocery list and use up all of the fresh ingredient before they spoil. I wanted to try Voeden to help save time and encourage myself to make nutrition a priority, especially when I typically just want to unwind after a day at work. Getting the weekly grocery list eliminates wondering what to make for dinner each day. 

I love that I can customize the recipe according to produce that is in season at any given time. And I love that Voeden gives you access to the full catalog of recipes so that you can personalize the weekly plans. It gives you recipe options for breakfast and lunch, or whenever you need to cook a healthy meal! The recipes save me multiple trips to the grocery store throughout the week, and the meals are filling without ever weighing me down - so delicious!"

Lindsay J.

"I was afraid I wouldn't have time to prepare the meals.  My husband and I both work full time, and he was also getting an executive MBA at the time.  We ate a lot of take out and pre-prepared meals just to get by.  We were only one week into eating the Voeden way and my husband and I could really feel the difference in our energy level.  The second week I didn't make time to chop/prep the meals, so we fell back into take-out mode.  We both felt sluggish with low energy levels!  That was enough to make us snap out of it and commit to eating healthy.  I found that the extra time I spent chopping veggies was worth it's weight in gold when it came to my overall energy level increase.  

I honestly can't say enough about what it has done for my family.  I have TONS of energy, my husband lost 20 pounds, and my kids are the healthiest eaters on the block.  I feel like a rockstar mom at the grocery store with a cart full of greens and I NEVER stress about what to make for dinner.  I've gained confidence in my cooking abilities and have impressed my friends with these unique and delicious dinners.  I've also found that chopping veggies is therapeutic:) 

I've been eating the Voeden way for a year now, and probably the most exciting thing for me has been my ability to "freestyle" a few meals on a night that I might not have all the ingredients I need.  I can't tell you how many soups I have made with the basics from my pantry.  I also find myself craving kale and other super healthy food that I never thought I would.  I think the high energy levels that I feel when eating like this subconsciously steer me away from sweets and unhealthy fats.  I'm now an energy from food junkie :) "

Jill F.

"Living in the blogger/pinterest age, I was hesitant to pay for recipes. Why pay to have recipes emailed to me when I could easily look up and plan a week's worth of meals myself? What I realized, though, is that planning that way is time consuming, and often expensive. I was spending several hours a week planning and pinning and making lists and then buying ingredients for elaborate meals that were sometimes great and sometimes a flop...I needed to streamline. 

From the first week, I knew that this was the way I should be eating. Everything tasted amazing and made me feel great-- and I was spared the stress of planning and listing. I've always loved to cook, but as a person who works 60+ hours a week, my downtime is precious. I love that Voeden streamlines the planning process for me so that all I need to do is shop, chop and cook. 3 of my favorite things.

The biggest change I noticed in my health was not so much a feeling as it was a lack of feeling--there were a lot of foods that made me feel icky. I've never experienced that with a Voeden meal. Voeden food always makes me feel fantastic. Maybe it's the colors, the nutritional punch, the fact that everything is seasonal. I think it's a little bit of everything. At the end of the day, the best part is knowing that I'm eating the best foods that I can offer my body. I've struggled unhealthy eating habits for years, and I know now that I'm the healthiest I've ever been.

I'm definitely spending less on groceries now than I was before. Having a list in hand discourages impulse buys and helps me avoid superfluous trips to the store because things were forgotten. I also find, with my pantry stocked, that I'm often only buying produce, which is so refreshing! In fact, in the summer, I can often complete all of my weekly shopping at the farmer's market (with the occasional stock up trip to my local butcher) and never even have to set foot in a grocery store.

I also love the access to all the recipes in the archive. Sometimes I'm just craving a different soup than the one planned for this week, and I love that I can quickly find another delicious option. 

Voeden has completely changed the way I cook and the way I think about my food choices."

Renee P.

"I love Voeden recipes because they are simple, delicious, and allow for creativity. As a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants cook, I'm usually looking for fun ideas to use ingredients that I have on hand. I'm always impressed and inspired by my weekly meal plan from Voeden! I am healthier, more energetic, and happier when I eat Voeden-style meals."

Jess R.

"I have never enjoyed cooking and wondered if it was really worth the cost. I was afraid I would regret it because I would not cook, therefore I would have wasted the money.  But a client raved about the recipes and how much more energy they had after eating these meals. I need more energy! My kids need healthy meals! This is unbelievable--I'm enjoying cooking now that I love what I am cooking! The recipes are simple enough that even I can make them!  I have more energy and I have noticed that I even crave these foods now. Cooking these meals has become a new stress reliever! My kids have become interested in what I'm eating because I enjoy it so much. I love the access to the other meals,  the simple directions,  receiving the meals ahead of time (Thursday of the previous week instead of Sunday), and knowing there will be at least one brand new meal each week.

Jesilee B.

"I've got lots of favorite cookbooks and recipes around that I don't get to.  I thought more would add to the already huge choice when menu making time comes around.  But, instead it provides complete menu options so I don't have to make them myself.

I was spending too much time trying to create balanced low-meat, low-carb menus. Your nutritionist education and options for  seasonal, meatless menus got the job  done when I don't have the spare time to think it all through. I love the way Voeden makes recipes flexible with variations that my kitchen can accommodate. Voeden works for me and my husband because I can adjust any recipe to get something we both want.  SometimesI add meat or a grain to satisfy his comfort food needs, other times we go vegan and low-carb to keep the calories down.

I've made so many delicious Veggie Bowls, that alone has been worth the membership!

I would recommend Voeden Life to anybody looking for a go-to expert with delicious nutrition and health, not gimmicks, as the priority. Plus, the instructions and pointers are friendly and just fun to read."

Linda and Dan M.

"I was not sure if I would like the food and was not sure if all the recipes would be as good as the samples. But I friend of mine raved about it, so I gave it a try.  This is the whole package - from the shopping list, it's seasonal focus, and easy and healthy recipes - it covers the whole cooking process. Now, grocery shopping is a lot quicker and I spend even more of that time in the produce section, which is a good feeling!"

Charles R.

"My husband and I are retirees living in Kansas.  We learned about Voeden through out daughter and subscribed over a year ago.  You never get too old to learn new tricks and this website is amazing.  The photos on Voeden are as mouthwatering as the recipes they depict.  We find ourselves, at the age of 70 plus, trying foods we had never heard of before, much less tasted and especially love the soups and salads.  Kale has become a staple in our diet not to mention quinoa, brown rice and flax.  We still enjoy eating meat but more selective in our choices.  The vegetables are our mainstay.  Tina can make magic with her recipes that are a result of her passion and education about healthy eating.  She takes it to another level!  We would highly recommend this valuable resource to any person who is interested in a positive change in their diet."

Elenore R.