The ONE (and only) Rule we Follow

Tell me I can’t have a cookie, and all I can think about is that cookie. Tell me to give up gluten? You bet all I crave is a warm hunk of freshly baked bread smothered in golden grass fed butter.

We don’t do rules.

Which is why we love this one rule, and only this rule: THE 80/20 RULE.

80 percent of the time (approximately people), we like to eat the Voeden way - loads of in season veggies, health fats, lots of water,  - all the good things.

And 20 percent of the time… whatever! Go out for dinner, enjoy your mama’s lasagna, eat that hunk of chocolate cake, sip a coffee, or a little wine. It’s all juuuust fine.

Or if that’s too loosey goosey, you can go with 90/10.

The point is, we don’t do deprivation. And as you eat more and more the Voeden way, a funny thing may start to happen.

You will crave the 20 less and less.

So let’s get started with the 80 - the Voeden Life - packed with delicious, in season veggies. It’s darn delicious and so nutritious. And you deserve to start feeling your best, so you can do your good work (and play) in the world with love and passion.